Ordering batches of prints of my work to sell online isn't currently within the realm of financial possibility for me, although I'd love to get there someday. For now, if you're interested in purchasing a print of a specific piece, start by checking my Redbubble shop (see below). If the piece you're interested in isn't there, feel free to email me at koribwaring@gmail.com, and I'll do my best to find a way to make it happen. 

You can buy prints of some of my work, as well as all sorts of cool swag (leggings, tote bags, dresses, phone covers, throw pillows, scarves, duvet covers, pencil skirts, shirts, &ct., &ct., &ct.) embellished with my work, from my Redbubble store. Please note that the prices on the images below reflect the price of the item I chose as the preview for each piece, but they're all available in a range of products and prices.